About the Artist

If you had told me 40 years ago that I would become an artist, I would have thought you had the wrong sister.

Many of us have an idea of what we want to do for a career from a very young age. I was one of those who did - I went through my childhood right through to my early 20's absolutely certain that I was going to be an entertainer.

I spent my early childhood years creating characters and performing 'concerts' to my sister and the neighbourhood children as a possibly not so willing audience. Tap dancing on tiled floors and singing in toilets (good acoustics) were favourite pastimes.
Ballet, Physie (Physical Culture) now known as Calisthenics were a big part of my younger life and my years at secondary school were made enjoyable by drama lessons and my involvement in school productions - big singing, dancing, musicals such as My Fair Lady and The Pyjama Game.

So how did I end up here - creating in my Quirky Owl Studio/Shop?

The answer to that question is LIFE! My life as a teacher took me to a variety of places in South Australia and overseas.

Many of the places I lived and worked were small and or often remote and the way I expressed myself creatively changed. After many years of dabbling with different arts and crafts such as painting on furniture and pots, exploring etching in my college days, textiles, creating stitched and beaded jewellery, I did my first painting on canvas for a birthday gift for a friend.

I was hooked!

My paintings are quirky, colourful and generally full of pattern. If there was a maximalist arts movement, I think that's where I'd comfortably fit. Inspiration comes from the varied places I've lived and worked. The blues and greens of coastal towns, the glowing pinks and reds of Central Australia and the colour, chaos and glitter of Thailand, Bali and India are evident in much of what I do. When it comes to artists whose work influences mine, very obviously Gustav Klimt is a big inspiration as is Henri Matisse.


Along with these outside influences, my ideas generally come from my over-active imagination. I'm not trying to change the world through my art but hope my quirky, colourful style brings joy to those who view it. I want to enjoy what I do and if my work makes someone else happy too, that's a bonus!
If it looks like I was tap dancing as I painted, perhaps I was!

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